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Sunday, August 22, 2021

Understanding Hardware: Hardware, Functions, and Types on 2021

 Uzbeki techno-Introduction What is Hardware 

What is hardware? In short, the definition of hardware is all the physical parts of a computer that can be seen with the naked eye and can also be touched directly. Also known as "Hardware or HW", hardware can also be interpreted as a component that has a tangible form.

Understanding Hardware: Hardware, Functions, and Types on 2021- uzbeki techno

To find out more complete technology information about hardware and its types, see the review below.

hardware hardware (Pexels)

Understanding Hardware and Types

When viewed in terms of function, hardware is used to support all processing in computerization. The hardware will work according to the orders that are first determined by the user, or what is usually called "Brainware". With this hardware, the output form can be realized properly.

As is known, the computer itself has several components that can work at the same time to manage various raw information, to then be used as new information that is easily understood by humans. If there is one component that does not function or work properly, the information management process will definitely not work properly.

According to Ali Zaki, the notion of hardware is one of the physical parts of a computer, such as digital circuits in computer equipment. Meanwhile, Joko Untoro has another opinion regarding the definition of hardware, namely physical devices in the form of computers and all other supporting instruments.

Hardware Type

Basically there are many kinds and types of hardware on a computer that you need to know. Anything? Check out the full list here!

Input Device – Input Device

This is a type of hardware that has an important function, namely to enter all forms of data - data or information into a computer. The data can be in the form of images, audio, text or video. Examples of this type of hardware include mice, webcams, keyboards, and others.

Processing Device – Process Device

This is a type of computer hardware that has a special function or role, namely to manage and process various data and information that will be included in the computer. This type of hardware is also claimed to be the brain of the computer, because it can process all the information on the computer. The examples of processing devices themselves include the following, CPU, VGA, RAM, Power Supply and others.


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