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Sunday, August 1, 2021

5 Most Popular and Most Liked Mobile Games

Uzbeki tecno- The game world is now increasingly popular in all circles, and some game producers continue to improve themselves to be able to continue to exist in the game world. Today, the mobile version of the social networking game which is still loved by many virtual world game maniacs, there are five that are currently still very much in demand, even though the output of this game has been around for a long time. Presumably still playing like a card game with its Latin name Zynga Poker is still the most popular game today among world game lovers.

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Here are the five most popular mobile games in the world:

Zynga Poker

This card game has been very popular since Facebook soared and on the Android Zynga Poker cellphone, it can be downloaded from the Play Store. Facebook users may often feel disturbed by the appearance of notifications from friends who are playing the Zynga Poker game. The development of social networks has made Zynga, as a producer, finally bring the Zinga Poker game to the mobile platform.

Draw Something

So far, this game has achieved 29 million downloads in just 5 weeks since its launch. In the 5 weeks since its first release, Draw Something has been downloaded 29 million times. Even this game became one of the most phenomenal social games and was eventually bought by Zynga.

Words with Friends

This crossword puzzle-like game is claimed to be the best word guessing game. What's interesting about this game is that you can play with other users around the world. You can play with millions of people around the world.


This unique game is a song guessing game that is definitely very popular for you music fans.

Parallel Kingdom

This game is about how you try to kill monsters, battle dragons, travel far and conquer everything that stands in your way, in order to get treasure.

But of the five most popular games in the world, there are still many who only play the number one game, Zynga Poker, because the game is simple and has more fans.


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