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Monday, July 5, 2021

How to Change the Latest Blogger Favicon 2021

Uzbeki blogFavicon is a kind of icon that will appear in the address bar or tab bar when we enter the address of a website in a web browser. Usually it is a characteristic of the website or to make it look more attractive than usual. Hehe, the icon is only the letter B wrapped in orange paper (that's the blogger logo). But those who want the default "favicon" of blogger, don't practice this.

favicon blog- uzbeki blog

For more details, see the following image:

The image above is the default default favicon image of blogger. Of course we want our blog to be unique and different from the others. One way is to change the favicon, it's quite easy.

Try following the instructions below:

Provide your picture or favicon (yes, I want to change the picture when there is no picture), preferably an image/icon measuring 16x16 pixels or a little bigger is okay. The image format to create a favicon can be .PNG, .GIF, .JPEG

Upload the image via the "New Post" form (look for it yourself, you can't). Hehe..

Don't PUBLISH the post, just SAVE AS DRAFT.

Then click Edit HTML (that's what you wrote on top of it).

For more details, see the image below:

And don't forget to copy and paste the code as blocked in the image above in a text application like Notepad. The code may be different from yours, the important thing is to copy and paste the code that contains the name of your favicon image file on the last lines. Then SAVE.

5. After that, click the "LAYOUT" menu then select "Edit HTML" don't forget to put a checklist on "Expand Widget Template".

6. Find the code <head> and <b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

7. Then put the following code between the two codes, don't forget


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