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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Easy Ways to Become a Hacker For Beginners 2021

 Understanding Hackers

Talking about the digital world has no limits. The reason is, by exploring the digital world, one can find a variety of information that may not have been known before. The information includes procedures for becoming a hacker for beginners.

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In short, the notion of a hacker is someone who has a desire to know deeply about the workings of a system, computer or computer network. Hackers will study, analyze, modify, break into computer devices, either for profit or simply motivated by a challenge.

Master the Programming Language

The way to become the first hacker is to master a programming language, such as Pascal or Basic to simply train logic and learn algorithms. Then, to get recognized as a hacker, you must be able to create a program to exploit the weakness of a system.

Knowing PC Hardware and Specifications

As is known, hardware is a physical component of a PC or computer and media that can connect between computers and other media, or even with other PCs. Each PC or computer has its own specs. Although the shape and hardware it carries are the same, the series can be different. A hacker is certainly not only good at coding but also understands about hackers and the specs of a PC.

Can Repair PC

Another important thing that a hacker must master is the ability to repair a PC. When a hacker finds his PC is damaged, of course he must immediately repair it and assemble it himself. In addition, you also have to understand about the drivers needed by a PC. Of course that will be very helpful when you want to reinstall the operating system. It would be even better if you have a collection of software for this purpose.

Learn Various Software

Next you have to understand and understand about the software. This software is something that makes your device run properly and can take the form of an operating system, application or protocol. Each hacker certainly has several hack tools to help their actions. Hack tools themselves are generally used for Windows and Linux operating systems that are widely circulated in cyberspace.

Some hack tools are specially designed with the aim of having their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Hacker typing in front of laptop

Have 10 Finger Typing Skills

This ability is no less important for a hacker to increase the efficiency and productivity of hackers working in front of a PC. In addition, you must also understand the use of shortcuts or code combinations on your PC.

Learn to Use CMD

To become a reliable hacker you also need to learn about the PC command line. Not only to increase the efficiency of your work on a PC, CMD is also an important and powerful hacking tool for hackers.

Using Open Source Operating System

Usually hackers will use an open source operating system such as Linux, because its use is free and easy. In addition, the OS also allows hackers to be able to do various things that a professional hacker usually does, from creating programs, running servers to working with the CLI, or Command Line Interface to manage PCs and servers.

Not only that, you also have to learn to use a Firewall to keep your PC safe from other hacker attacks who try to control your PC and steal your important data.

Thus the information about how to become a hacker that is easy for beginners. Hopefully useful and inspiring.


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