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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Commonly Used Ad Banner Types and Sizes 2021

Uzbeki techno-  Talking about the size of advertising banners, there are actually many types and kinds. Here is some more information for you.

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In short, the notion of a banner is one of the media used to promote a product or service, either via online or offline. An online banner is a type of banner that has a certain size and is usually displayed on a website or blog. As for the offline banner itself, it is a type of banner that is printed using a digital printer and is usually vertical.

Types and Sizes of Ad Banners (Canva Pexels)


This is the type and size of the banner that is most often used, especially for advertisers and Google AdSense players. Having a size of 728 x 90 pixels, the banner is usually used to advertise a product. This banner size is considered the most ideal and is likely to get more clicks.

Medium Rectangle

The size for this type of banner is 300 x 250 pixels. The banner supports advertisements in the form of text and images which are usually found in various strategic places. Because the size is not too big and small so it is suitable for various web areas.

Large Rectangle

This banner size format is more suitable for content. You can place it next to the posts so that the content created is like having two columns. The size of this type of banner is 336 x 280 pixels.

Vertically shaped, this is the type of banner that advertisers usually use because they usually need more space to convey messages effectively. The size of the large skyscraper banner is 300 x 600 pixels.

It is different with this type of banner size which is included in the large category. The banner is more ideal for mobile layouts and has a size of 320 x 100 pixels.

Measuring 320 x 50 pixels, this is the type of banner that is actually less effective at attracting visitors, but is not too distracting to web visitors, especially for those who use smartphones.

The size of this type of banner is 160 x 600 pixels. Has a slightly narrower width, because the banner is made specifically for a narrow sidebar and supports display and text types of ads among advertisers.

red exhibit display – banner size (credit: Freepik/macrovector-official)

Standard X Banner

This is a type of banner that has legs making it easier to carry everywhere. In addition, this type of banner can be used continuously as long as it is not damaged. The sizes that can be applied to the standard type of banner x banner are 20 x 40 cm, 60 x 160 cm, 60 x 120 cm and 80 x 180 cm.

x stand banners illustration (credit: Freepik/pikisuperstar)

If you want to do promotions indoors, then this type of banner is the right choice. Having a size of 16 x 60 cm, x indoor banner also has other size variants, namely 120 x 60 cm, but this size is rarely used.

From the name, we certainly already know that this type of banner has a smaller size. Mini x banners are usually used to provide information about a particular event and carry out promotions. Its practical size, which is 26 x 38 cm, is even more desirable to use because it is easier and cheaper.

Those are the types and sizes of banner ads that are commonly used. Hope the information is useful.


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