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Wednesday, July 21, 2021

3 Benefits That You Can Get When Using Google Chrome's Incognito Mode

Uzbeki blog - Google Chrome is one of the most popular browser applications today. Moreover, this software is present by default on platforms such as Chrome OS or Android. Apart from that, Chrome also has some interesting features. One of them is incognito mode.

Incognito Mode- uzbeki blog

This feature is useful for those of you who have more awareness of privacy in cyberspace. You can also enable incognito mode in Chrome in an easy way. Just go to the three dots in the upper right corner, and there is a new incognito window option there. Not difficult, right?

Then, what can be obtained from the latest incognito mode in Google Chrome? At least, you will be able to get three benefits, namely:

1. Avoid targeted ads

The thing that is quite annoying when surfing the internet is the presence of advertisements. Moreover, nowadays almost every advertising platform uses internet user activity data as a means to display their advertisements. Either Facebook Ads or Google Ads. Well, by using incognito mode in Google Chrome, you will be able to minimize this.

This happens because in incognito mode, the browser will not display history data. That way, the manager of the ad platform, neither Facebook nor Google will have a database to display ads based on your activity on the internet.

2. Provides a higher level of security for accounts on the internet

Incognito mode also provides more security guarantees for accounts on the internet. Both Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Especially when you use your cellphone or laptop to surf in public spaces, take advantage of the free WiFi available there.

The use of incognito mode provides limited data access to browsing history data. Especially if you combine incognito mode with the habit of not storing password data on a site. Account security will be much more guaranteed.

3. Running two accounts in one browser

Incognito mode is also useful if you have multiple accounts on the same website. You don't need to run another browser. The option is, one account is opened in normal mode, while another account is used in incognito mode.

How? Are you already interested in trying incognito mode on Google Chrome?


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