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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Various Types of the Latest Apple Operating Systems 2021

Uzbeki blog-  Apple's iOS operating system is an operating system that is still in the same family as Macintosh because both are owned by Apple. It's just that if the Mac operating system is specifically for personal computers, then iOS is a mobile operating system that was developed and only applied to Apple Inc devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or even on the Apple TV.

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The operating system has several types. Types that are widely used are Windows, Linux, and Mac. The Mac OS operating system is the Macintosh operating system used for Apple-branded computers. Mac OS is an operating system from computers released by Apple Computers for Macintosh computers with IBM-based PCs and is not compatible and this is also specifically for Macintosh computers. In 1984 Xerox Parc researchers who invented the Mac Os.

The types of Apple operating systems are as follows:


A code name given by the operating system of the next generation, Apple computers that developed during this time with the purchase of Apple NeTX in late 1996 and 1998 was Mac Os X. This can also be called Mac OS X Server 1.o code: "Rhapsody" was released in 1999.

The operating system much anticipated by Apple. Mac OS X has been built from scratch offering these products in apple's words "the power of unix with the majesty and simplicity of a macintosh".

Puma is a codename for mac os x with the released version 10.1 puma is the only one that makes updates to mac os x 10.1 users for free and without any payment by apple.

The code named jaguard was released in august 2002. This Jaguard is the first and completely mature version for mac os x. Mac os x 10.1 gets an update to the mac os x 10.2 version, it has a more user interface with lots of applications.

Macintosh or Mac for short is a type of PowerPC-based PC produced by Apple Computer.

Named the McIntosh, which was Jef Raskin's favorite type of apple, the Macintosh was launched in January 1984 with a very famous Super Bowl commercial. The Mac was the first computer to popularize the graphical user interface (GUI), which at that time was a revolutionary development in the world of desktop computing.

And now apple is an operating system product that can be said to be of a high level because most of the operating systems used by offices and other young people are Windows and Linux operating systems. Because the price is more affordable and we are easier to understand. Windows and Linux operating systems are very easy to run and not as expensive as Apple's iOS operating system.


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