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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Update, 5 Computer Management Tips To Make It Last

Uzbeki blog-  Who doesn't want their gadget to last? Many of us want our electronic goods to last but don't know or even don't want to use the right way to care for them. The following tips will help you to keep your computer long-lived.

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1. Set Temperature

Place your computer in a place with good air circulation. This is so that the temperature of the electronic components / circuits of the computer is not too hot. If the temperature is too hot, the component life will be shorter. If you are in an air-conditioned room, you may not use the fan. But if you are in a room with room temperature, use a computer fan. Especially if you run heavy programs every day and play games for a long time, you are required to use a fan to cool the processor.

2. Use Stabilizer

Use a UPS to anticipate sudden power outages, especially if you are not using the computer battery. A sudden power outage causes damage to your computer components, especially the hard drive. Actually, the unstable voltage also greatly affects the performance of the components so that the computer is damaged quickly. So use a Stabilizer or UPS to stabilize the mains voltage.

3. Place the Active Speaker some distance from the monitor

The magnetic field present in the speakers can affect the monitor, causing it to have an uneven or mottled color. Set the distance between the active speakers on the left and right is 30cm so that the magnetic field on the speakers does not affect the monitor color.

4. Routinely clean the motherboard from dust

Get in the habit of cleaning the motherboard from dust at least every six months. Open the case first and then clean the motherboard and other peripherals (RAM, Video Card, CDR/CDRW/DVRW, Sound Card, Modem, fan, etc.) with a soft brush. We recommend using a cover on the monitor, CPU, keyboard / mouse so that dust does not enter your computer.

5. Do not turn off the computer with the power button

Turning off the computer with the power button will shorten the life of the processor. When Shutdown the computer fan will work harder to cool the processor and if the computer is turned off immediately then the cooling of the processor cannot work properly, thus accelerating its damage.

In addition to damage to the processor, memory can also be quickly damaged due to the wrong shut down. Memory also needs rest. When the process is shut down, the memory will be emptied so that it can be turned on again in a fresh state. Like a human who sleeps with problems, surely he doesn't sleep well. Likewise memory, memory also needs rest so that it can work optimally again.


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