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Rabu, 06 Januari 2021

High Taste MANGO Jelly Milk Cooking Recipe

Recipe for Making MANGO Jelly Milk.

MANGO Jelly Milk You can make MANGO Jelly MilkM using 9 ingredients and how to make 5. Here's how to make it practically.

Materials Required To Make MANGO Jelly Milk

Mix 8 pieces of sweet fragrant mango.

Mix 1800 ml of full cream uht milk.

Mix in 3 sashets of mango nutrition.

Prepare enough of sugar according to taste.

Prepare from the agar2 plan (I pke swalow).

Mix from Toping / Stuffing.

Mix 1 fruit of mango.

Mix from the mango jelly.

Mix from Natadecoco.

How to Make MANGO Jelly Milk

Make jelly, 1 mango blender with 4 glasses of drinking water, sugar to taste, bring to a boil over medium heat until it boils while stirring after boiling, turn off the stove, wait for the steam to run out, pour in a flat mold, wait until it cools down and enter the refrigerator for the jelly. mlem2.

Peel 6 mangoes and wash them clean and then blend with 1800 ml of mango nutrisari milk and sugar.

Prepare the filling, Peel 1 mango and cut into cubes, as well as dice the mango jelly and nata decoco.

Put all the stuffing into the bottles until after that, pour the soup or mango juice into each of the bottles that have been filled.

So 15 bottles or less, enter the refrigerator and are ready to be sold.

That's the recipe for Making MANGO Jelly Mi.

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