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Kamis, 24 Desember 2020

Easy Recipe for Regal Pudding Makes it Addictive

Recipe for Making Bisquit Pudding - Who says snacks always have to be bought? You can also make your own delicious and practical snacks to enjoy at home with the family. This Regal Biscuit Pudding has a beautiful appearance and the taste is very delicious.

Puding Regal       Want to make Regal Pudding yourself at home? Let's look at the recipe for making the following regal pudding. This Regal Pudding has a delicious taste, a combination of chocolate pudding, butter pudding and delicious Regal biscuits that have been legendary. You can make Regal Pudding using 10 ingredients and how to make 15. Here is how to make it.

Ingredients Required To Make Regal Pudding

Add 8 tbsp of margarine (can use blueband).

Add 4 tbsp of granulated sugar.

Prepare 2 sachets of sweetened condensed milk.

Prepare 4 of the chicken eggs (separate the whites & yolks).

Prepare 2 SDT of liquid vanilla.

Prepare 1 packet of agar without color.

Prepare 1 large packet of marie regal.

Prepare 250 grams of chocolate bars (dark chocolate).

Mix 500 ml of white UHT milk (vanilla / full cream).

Add 1 tbsp of cornstarch.

For example, making a simple and easy regal pudding. Its sweet taste certainly makes this snack preferred by your little one. Pudding with regal biscuit additives is currently popular with children and adults. You can add Regal biscuits as an ingredient in the pudding layer or just.

Steps to Make Regal Pudding

Layer 1 (Foam Pudding).

Melt 6 tablespoons of butter.

Combine the margarine that has been searched, egg yolk, 2 sachets of sweetened condensed milk and 1 pack to make it colorless into 500 ml of water. Heat over medium heat, stirring until all dissolved, remove from boil.

Beat the egg whites with a mixer / whisk, add 4 tbsp sugar gradually while continuing to beat until the egg foam expands / has a foam texture.

Add the mixture of the first ingredients to the egg white which has been fluffy, stir until blended then add 1 tbsp of liquid vanilla.

Pour into a container until it fills about half of the container. Let stand a few minutes.

While waiting for the foam pudding to set, crush the marie regal & save some for the topping.

Put the crushed marie regal biscuits on top of the set foam pudding.

Layer 2 (Chocolate Ganache).

Cut 250 grams of chocolate into pieces to make it easier to melt.

Add 1 tbsp margarine and 1 tbsp cornstarch to 500 ml UHT milk, stir until combined.

Heat it over medium heat then add 250 grams of chocolate that has been chopped, while continuing to stir until it is completely mixed. Turn off the heat when it is bubbly.

Pour the ganache chocolate into the container that already contains the foam and regal pudding, until it fills the container.

Add whole marie regal biscuits on top as a topping.

Put it in the refrigerator to make it more delicious.

If making regal pudding looks difficult enough, don't practice straight away. This is because what is needed when making regal pudding is concentration and of course enough free time. You can try making this famous three-layer Regal biscuit pudding. Instead of buying it at a high price, it's better to make it yourself at home. Recently, many Regal pudding and dessert recipes have gone viral on TikTok, one of which is Regal Slink Pudding Chocolate with Fla. That's the recipe for making Regal Pudding.

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