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Senin, 21 Desember 2020

Practical Recipe for High Taste Mango Pudding

Recipe for Making Mango Pudding. Mango pudding can also be served for dessert when there are guests or special events. Want to eat contemporary mango pudding at a frugal price? Mix gelatin powder, jelly powder, sugar and liquid milk.

Puding Mangga     It's easy to make and absolutely delicious. This dish can be made more or less sweet to your taste. Mango is not only delicious when eaten directly but also when you make it as a food creation. You can make Mango Pudding using 5 ingredients and how to make 4. Here is how to make it practically.

Ingredients Required To Make Mango Pudding

Mix 2 pieces of mango (I clove, sweet smell even more fragrant huh), smooth blender with a little water.

Mix 1 pack of plain nutrijel or large coconut flavor.

Add 150 grams of sugar (if you like it sweeter you can add it, I think it's enough because the sweetness of the mango)

Add 2 sachets of sweetened condensed milk.

Prepare 250 ml of water.

Pudding Recipe - Pudding is one of the most popular desserts in Indonesia, from children to adults. The mango fruit that was presented in this pudding made the pudding even more special and special. Its chewy and soft texture will always pamper your tongue. The first step in making this pudding is to blend the cleaned mangoes first.

Steps to Make Mango Pudding

Stir in sugar and nutrijel, add water then heat it on the stove, stirring constantly ..

Enter the sweetened condensed milk. Stir well..

Enter the mango that has been finely blended. Stir until boiling ..

Remove and then pour in the mold. Let it cool and thicken ..

So that's a recipe for mango pudding that is really easy. Nan Simple Mango Pudding with Vla Milk. Together with mango, the vegetable mixture in the smoothie seems to disappear without a trace. Find stockbilleder af Mango Sauce Pudding Pudding Class Desserts i HD og millionvis af andre Mango sauce pudding. Pudding are a class of desserts with mango sauce and topping with mango. That's the recipe for Making Mango Pudding.  

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