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Minggu, 20 Desember 2020

Practical Recipe for Delicious Delicious Pudding ~ Milk Chocolate Klop Pudding Makes it Addictive

Recipe for Making Delicious Pudding ~ Milk Chocolate Klop Pudding. This pudding made is really delicious. Узнать причину. Закрыть. delicious and tasty milk chocolate pudding. Milk chocolate pudding snack is indeed one of the most popular for all occasions, it is also a favorite of all ages. The texture is soft with chocolate flavored milk.

Puding Enak Lezat~Puding Klop Coklat Susu       .Why not, a dish made of jelly and combined with delicious and delicious milk. Delicious and delicious pudding this time seems like no other. Come on, see what the recipe for making milk chocolate pudding looks like. Because how to make milk pudding is easy and simple, we can also combine it with other ingredients according to the Easy Way to Make Special Chocolate Milk Pudding. You can make Delicious Delicious Pudding ~ Milk Chocolate Klop Pudding using 6 ingredients and how to make 5. Here's how to make it practically.

Ingredients Required To Make Delicious Delicious Pudding ~ Milk Chocolate Klop Pudding

Mix 1 sachet of agar white.

Mix 1 sachet of white skm.

Mix 1 sachet of chocolate skm.

Add 500 ml of water.

Prepare 6 tablespoons of granulated sugar (may be more to taste).

Mix to taste from the cup.

The first step is to make chocolate pudding first. Prepare the pan then put the chocolate in order. Have you ever made GREAT CHOCOLATE MILK PUDDING? Because it's really easy to make.

Steps to Make Delicious Delicious Pudding ~ Milk Chocolate Klop Pudding

Prepare the ingredients, cook agar2 without mixing it first, bund.

When it's boiling, turn off the stove, divide the dough for 2 and give it chocolate skm, for part 2 give it white.

Enter the chocolate mixture into a full cup, let it set.

When it's set, take it out of the mold, cut it into 4 pieces, rearrange it in the cup with 2 parts of chocolate only, then put the white dough into the empty space next to the chocolate dough and let it set (forget to take a photo hehehe)

Milk Chocolate Klop Pudding is ready to be served 😍😋.

For the white and chocolate pudding ingredients, besides using UHT milk, you can also use sweetened condensed milk. Pudding is a food that is always suitable to be enjoyed anytime as a dessert or just a delicious snack. Besides that, we can also serve various puddings as a complement to birthday cakes. Pudding is indeed a fresh food that is very good for the body's metabolism. Moreover, chocolate and milk are made into pudding and eaten with proper recipes and processing, so that your thirst can disappear instantly with the presence of chocolate milk pudding. Thus the tutorial for the Recipe for Making Delicious Delicious Pudding ~ Milk Chocolate Klop Pudding

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