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Kamis, 24 Desember 2020

The Easiest Cappuccino Pudding Recipe Easiest

The Easiest Cappuccino Pudding Recipe Easiest

Puding Cappuccino Cincau      You can make Cincau Pudding using 12 ingredients and how to make 3. The following is a practical way to prescribe it.

Ingredients Required To Make Cappuccino Pudding Cincau

Prepare from grass jelly cut into squares.

Add from pudding ingredients :.

Prepare 1 bks of plain agar2.

Prepare 2 sc of cappuccino coffee.

Add 1 tsp of instant coffee without pulp.

Mix 2 of sc SKM.

Mix 100 grams of sugar.

Mix in 1 tbsp of cornstarch.

Add 900 ml of water.

Add from Topping :.

Add from Whipping cream.

Prepare from powdered chocolate.

Steps to Make Cappuccino Pudding Cincau

Mix (agar2, cappuccino coffee, instant coffee, skm, granulated sugar), give enough water, stir until evenly (not jagged) then add cornstarch.

Add the remaining water then cook until it boils while stirring. Let the steam disappear.

Prepare the chopped grass jelly in a container, then pour the agar into the container. Let it cool and harden, add whipping cream and chocolate sprinkles.

This is the tutorial for the Recipe for Making Cappuccino Pudding with Cincau.

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