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Rabu, 23 Desember 2020

Recipe for Making Delicious Grass Jelly Milk Tea

Recipe for Making Delicious Grass Jelly Milk Tea. A plant-based product, grass jelly has zero fat but contains no vitamins and minerals either. Best to combine with something nutritious like milk. Stir cold milk and cooled brewed oolong tea, sweeten, pour over cubes of grass jelly and the drink is ready to serve.

Grass Jelly Milk Tea Grass jelly, cincau, suong sao, xian cao, leung fan, etc., etc. is a staple drink and dessert in many eastern Asian cuisines. We refer particularly to black grass jelly, a product of dried mesona chinensis leaves which resemble, frankly, twigs and leaves. It's often cited to help cool down body heat. Kamu bisa membikin Grass Jelly Milk Tea menggunakan 9 bahan dan cara membuat 3. Berikut ini adalah cara membuat nya.

Ingredients Required To Make Grass Jelly Milk Tea

Add 2 bags of teabags.
Prepare Sufficiently from full cream milk.
Add 3 tbsp of granulated sugar.
Prepare 200 ml of boiled water.
Prepare sufficiently from ice cubes.
Prepare from Jelly Material:.
Prepare 1 bks of black grass jelly nutrijell.
Add 700 ml of water.
Add 5 tbsp of granulated sugar.

A wide variety of grass jelly milk tea options are available to you, such as certification, shape, and packaging. To make grass jelly from grass jelly powder (the ratio of powder and water need to be adjusted according to the package), you will need to mix Cover the pot to cool down and set in refrigerator for several hours. Lay the grass jelly cubes in the bottle of the container. Stir to dissolve most of the jelly.

How to Make Grass Jelly Milk Tea

Prepare a pot, mix all the jelly ingredients, cook until it boils. After the hot steam is gone, pour it into the mold, let it harden, then cut it into pieces according to taste ..

Heat boiled water, prepare the glass, add the teabag, pour hot water, then add sugar, stir until the sugar dissolves and the tea water is thick.

Prepare a serving glass, enter the jelly jelly, add ice cubes, then pour the milk and tea water. Ready to be enjoyed when the weather is hot ..

Add jelly water into warm sugar water, stirring Leave the jelly to cool at room temperature, then put it into the fridge. Cut grass jelly into small cubes or strips once it cools. Grass jelly milk tea in a transparent glass. Grass jelly baked milk in a transparent glass. Easter table with tea matcha cheesecake and black coffee on background of green grass.. That's the tutorial for the recipe for making grass jelly milk tea.

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