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Sabtu, 19 Desember 2020

Easy recipe for ice mango jelly is really easy

Resep Membuat Es Mangga Jelly.

Es Mangga Jelly      You can make Mangga Jelly Ice using 8 ingredients and how to make 3. Here is how to prescribe it.

Ingredients Required To Make Ice Mango Jelly

Mix from mango juice:.

Mix 2 pieces of sweet fragrant mango.

Mix 300 ml of water.

Mix 200 ml of liquid milk.

Add from Jelly:.

Add 1 small sachet of lecy-flavored jelly (can use mango flavor).

Prepare 75 grams of sugar.

Prepare 300 ml of water.

Steps to Make Ice Mango Jelly

Mix all the jelly ingredients, stir until well blended (jelly is not lumpy). Boiled until boiling. Turn off the heat, pour into the container. Chill, chop ..

Blend all juice ingredients. If you like, all 500 ml of liquid can be milk.

Mix juice and jelly, store dl in the refrigerator. The mango jelly ice is ready to be enjoyed.

This is the tutorial for the recipe for making mango jelly ice.

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